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Be Inspired By Humanity
Humanity should be first nature to all of us, but
unfortunately we live in a world where crisis exist
because people make unhealthy decisions. If we as a
people learn to love one another and be more
compassionate toward our fellowman the world would be
more peaceful.

What is humanity? Humanity is the quality or state of
being human or humane. What is it to be humane? To
be humane means to have compassion, sympathy, or
consideration for others. Humanity is indeed a choice
and humanity should be practiced with freewill. No one
should have to force you to be humane. However,
learning creative ways to express humanity is
encouraged. The cliché rule of thumb is doing onto
others as you would have them do unto you.

Humanity Builds Positive Relationships…

Can humanity bring about world peace? World peace
means everyone in existence globally is humane toward
one another. Creating positive relationships advocates
positive behavior. To have positive behavior means you
are demonstrating loving actions. If mankind loved one
another unconditionally world crisis would not exist.
Loving unconditionally means loving without conditions
or judgment. Humanity is an energy that ignites world
World Peace

There are more positive people in the world than negative people and world peace
is a force to be reckoned with. However, peace can be disturbed if we as a people
do not make peace with our fellowman. Take responsibility for your actions and
react peacefully. Eliminate war with peace. War goes beyond armed states and
nations. War is when you are in conflict or opposites with your fellowman verbally,
physically, mentally, and or spiritually.

To be at peace means to a have a positive state of mind and freedom from
disputes. Peace means the absence from mental stress and anxiety. Be at peace
with oneself and therefore you can bring peace to the world.

There are many ways you can stimulate peace. You can join or create peace rallies
or form positive enlightenment groups.

                            Make World Peace an epidemic…